Hacks to create a home office

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A home office, a place to work away from the rush and stress of the daily commute is a luxury many homemakers would like, but often feel they can’t attain.

Many fear a dedicated home office would take up too much space in the home, but the reality is that it is possible to have a stylish home office or study without having to give up an extra room or take up too much of the precious real estate in your home.

The truth is, even if you aren’t a business owner or someone who works from home regularly, having a dedicated space for household admin, or homework for the younger members of your household is a great idea and helps keep work-related clutter away from the rest of your home. Here are some tips and tricks to create a workspace in any home.

Hacks to create a home office
Basic office at home

How to be clever with storage…

Unlike at the office, at home work-spaces need to be decorative as well as functional.

You need to be able to hide cables and office types of storage to make it feel less like a work area if it is in the middle of your living area.

If you aren’t able to add more on-wall shelving or built-in cabinets to the space for storage, then consider using the space under the work surface for storage using a skirted tablecloth to add a soft furnishing element to soften the look while serving double duty to hide a multitude of sins and work-related clutter.

How to create a working world with a view…

If you have a window that is unoccupied in any room, consider using it for setting up space where you can work while enjoying natural light and a view of the world outside.

A small desk up against a window, or in the area in front of bay windows are ideal home office spaces.While sitting at the desk the window on the world creates an illusion of having far more space than the home might have.

Just beware of being too distracted by what is outside the window while trying to focus on work.