Crawford College La Lucia

Crawford College La Lucia offers a progressive education, which builds on the creativity and innovation of those within the school, as well as builds on the traditions and reputation of those Alumni students who have gone before them.

Building on the foundations which have been laid through the excellence of Crawford pre- and preparatory schools, 21st Century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and analytical thinking are fostered throughout the curriculum, and the many exploratory subjects on offer at the College. Technology is embraced at all levels right through the academic, culture and sport arenas.

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The Crawford College environment encourages a holistic development of the child, including sporting, leadership, cultural, service, academic extension opportunities and global exposure. Crawford students leave their footprint on their school, community and society as they make their mark as young South African leaders, who are not only trailblazers, but also leaders with strong values, high emotional intelligence and confidence.



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