Cool ways to get your coffee fix in Summer

The Coffee Merchant has shared some awesome recipes for iced coffees, coffee smoothies and even coffee ice-cream to help you get your coffee fix without breaking a sweat in the process.

Balloon weight loss procedure hits Durban

An amazing procedure which allows patients to lose weight using a silicone balloon inflated with saline can now be performed using endoscopic methods by a Durban doctor.

Who is CarZar?

You’re probably thinking, “How else can I find the perfect car buyer?”

Blood and balance is all in a days’ work for Dr Jo

Leaving no stone unturned in making sure she finds out how to restore her patients to good health and keep them there, Dr Joanna Skelton draws on her vast experience as a physician to focus in on best helping her patients as one of only a few women endocrinologists in the country.

The importance of having a Will

Most people consider making a Will as one of the items on their “to-do” list but often never get around to drawing one up. In addition to this, no one really likes to think about dying and feel that they are too young or don’t have enough assets to justify having a Will.

Jatoba brings Brazilian quality closer to home

“I loved Brazil so much, I ‘bought’ the ‘Style’ I now call Home,” explained Gabriel Figueira who is determined to share the belief that quality doesn’t have an age, instead it has a name.