Craig Alexander – A tiger on the pitch and dedicated family man at heart

    Craig Alexander and his family.

    Followers of KwaZulu-Natal’s very own Hollywoodbets Dolphins are already well-acquainted with Craig “Gogs” Alexander’s lightning quick fast ball, and his fierce competitiveness on the field. They know that Craig has an extremely impressive record, taking just under 300 wickets at first-class level, and that batsmen from every corner of our country get nervous when he takes the ball. But what they might not know is that this formidable sportsman actually enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with his much-loved family.

    On any given weekday, Craig wakes up to a few moments of prayer and introspection, but when you have young kids, quiet time only last so long. Early morning is all about getting Connor (six) and Liam (two) ready and off to school. Craig’s first son, Ayden (12), lives with his mother in Cape Town. Blessed with three happy boys, Craig strongly believes in the value of education, and whereas he will support them fully in whatever career they may one day choose (including cricket), studies will unquestionably come first.

    Connor and Liam’s mother, Amy-Lee, and Craig have been together for eleven years, and their four-year wedding anniversary is fast approaching. Romantically, Craig believes that his greatest achievement is his marriage. He fell in love with Amy-Lee almost instantly, but “she probably took a bit longer to warm to me (he laughs)”. Craig continues, “She always puts others ahead of herself… She has a heart of gold and a very soft nature that I sometimes take advantage of: For example, playing golf more than I should!”

    Weekends are all about family time, and Craig and Amy-Lee plan activities that the kids love: “We always do something that involves the kids. Bike riding, beach, parks and Spur are their favourites. We always find a place where the kids can enjoy themselves and we can relax”. And once again showing his fondness for golf, Craig says, “When I’m not with the family, I’m on the golf course”.

    All this talk of golf! But don’t be mistaken, Craig is firmly committed to cricket, and with some more hard work he believes that he may appear on the radars of the Proteas selection panel. Given his outstanding bowling record, this is certainly a possibility.

    In the last part of the discussion, Craig talks about his hero, “My dad”. Craig points out that his father is a keen sportsman in his own right, and that, “He has the passion of a youngster and the toughest competitor I’ve ever seen. He’s streetwise and witty”. There can be little doubt that Craig’s dad is proud of his son’s conduct, both as a professional cricketer and as a dedicated family man.

    Catch Craig and his Hollywoodbets Dolphins cohorts in action at the Sahara Stadium Kingsmead, and don’t be surprised if you see him donning the green and gold in the near future!

    Find out when the next Hollywoodbets Dolphins cricket game is taking place.

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