Hollywoodbets Dolphins museum is a window to the past

    This facility is stocked with unique cricket memorabilia and an impressive collection of game used treasures and other artifacts.

    A step into this museum highlights the indelible journey and achievements of the Hollywoodbets Dolphins franchise. With exhibits organised into zones, one can never fail to notice the images of legends of the sport such as Barry Richard, Michael John Procter, Peter Pollock, etc. A deeper look into other allocated zones reveals record setting performances, championship teams as well as legendary players, coaches and team rivalries.

    Denzel Bezuindenhout is credited with establishing this museum. It’s recorded that he dedicated his life to collecting umpiring and player information. One trusted source of information on the history of cricket and in particular Natal cricket is long serving administrator Sagren Naidoo.

    Museum person

    Aged 79, Mr Naidoo has seen it all around the Dolphins. ”Dolphins cricket franchise and the museum in particular has evolved over the years, this museum initially started at the west stand and we moved to this current location about 5 years ago”, remembers Mr Naidoo.

    With the process of characterising events already underway, there is deep optimism around the Dolphins franchise that the facility will receive increased attention and reduce on the wear and tear.


    “This is the Mecca of cricket and everyone from families, schools, business groups is welcome here so that they can understand the history of cricket. I retired but still find time to come here to share my knowledge because I understand the significance of allowing people to learn and appreciate the Dolphins franchise and cricket as a sport” concludes Mr Naidoo.

    Should any community member wish to visit the museum, please contact Asif at the stadium on 031 3354200


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