Lack of speed-calming in uMhlanga a concern

UMHLANGA ward councillor, Heinz de Boer, said he is concerned about the speeding on Millennium Boulevard. A number of accidents in recent weeks has highlighted the need for some sort of speed-calming on the road, particularly at the intersection of Equinox and Millennium Boulevard.

“Since the speed humps were removed, the speeding has become utterly ridiculous, at all times of the day and night. The worrying fact is that there is a children’s playground right on the corner and two of the last four accidents has seen cars flipping over.

“I’ve been going on about this issue ad-nauseam to eThekwini’s Traffic Authority (ETA). I’m glad there has been some proactiveness from the police in the area but there needs to be more visible enforcement and speed trapping.

De Boer said the removal of the iron speed humps, which were deemed illegal by the city, need to be replaced.

“New Town Centre, Prestondale and uMhlanga, should be more pedestrian orientated, and I believe fixed speed calming is the only engineering solution to this. Perhaps looking at rubber speed humps as an option.

“I must say I agree with the ETA that there is nothing wrong with the roads themselves. Structurally, there is nothing wrong, however, driver behaviour has to change. There are far too many aggressive drivers and people flouting the speed limit on a residential road,” he said


Shiraz Habbib

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