Residents warned over fireworks displays

THE eThekwini Municipality has called on Durban residents to exercise caution when using fireworks.
“The use of fireworks is only permitted from 31 December 2016 at 23h45 to 01 January 2017 at 00h15.”

Safety tips to ensure safety when using fireworks:

•The use of fireworks should always be done under the supervision of an adult.
•Animals must be looked after. Call your nearest SPCA or Vetenerian for advise.
•Do not place any body part directly over a fireworks devise when lighting the fuse.
•Allow fireworks to complete their burning. Ensure that the flame is completely doused by pouring water on it before discarding it into the bin.
• Do not detonate a fuse whilst aiming at a person or animal.
•Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them off in a metal or glass container.
•Light one fireworks device at a time and move away quickly.
•Do not try to re-light or pick up fireworks if they have not ignited fully.

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