4 can-tastic DIY ideas for children this Christmas

Have you ever taken a look at the number of cans you throw away every month?

Used cans form a massive part of waste material in South Africa and around the world, discarded without a second thought.

‘It is important that parents teach their children the importance of preserving the environment for future generations from a young age,’ said Zimasa Velaphi, spokesperson for can recovery and recycling organisation, Collect-A-Can.

‘What better way than to encourage then to upcycle and make their own DIY projects out of waste material?’

With this in mind, Collect-A-Can has shared four eco-friendly DIY project ideas to keep kids occupied this holiday season:

String-Can Telephone

Photo - laynekennedy.com

Photo – laynekennedy.com

Step back in time with this golden oldie communication tool. Simply attach a long piece of string to the bottom of two cans, go hide around the corner and take turns listening and speaking into the cans. But remember, the noises you make will only travel to your friend is the string is stretched tight!

Tin Can Bowling

Photo - wehaveaars.com

Photo – wehaveaars.com

Set up your very own bowling game with some old cans and a soccer ball. To make it interesting, paint the cans with your own themes. Angry Birds, anyone?

Coffee Can Stilts

Photo - cratfgawker.com

Photo – cratfgawker.com

Always wanted to be a few centimetres taller? Make some coffee can stilts and look your mom right in the eye when you beg her for a sweet. And it will also help you perfect your balance

Can Flower Pots

Photo - decortrunk.com

Photo – decortrunk.com

Take those big old cans, paint some nifty designs on them, and plant a flower. Encourage your child to water it regularly, and soon they will have their very own flower to pick.

For 22 years, Collect-a-Can has been working closely with various communities to teach young and old the importance of can recovery and that waste has value.

Since Collect-a-Can started, southern Africa’s used can recovery rate has improved from 18% to 72%.

Currently, metal cans form less than 1% of the total rubbish that ends up in landfills due to their value and recyclability.

For more interesting DIY can projects follow Collect-a-Can on Facebook.


Caxton Central (written by Kyle Cowan)

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