uMgeni Park resident speaks out following murder

‘Living in a gated estate is no deterrent for murderers’ says an uMgeni Park resident.
‘Living in a gated estate is no deterrent for murderers’ says an uMgeni Park resident.


RESIDENTS of the local uMgeni Park and Riverside area are disturbed at the manner in which Dr Vajnah Banoo Mohamed was murdered in her gated Palm Springs complex.

Browns Drift Road, being a main road and busy, is predominantly surrounded by gated apartments and complexes.

This brings me to the point that, like the Oscar and Reeva sensational surreal story, gated estates and communities or state of the art alarm systems and companies in South Africa are by no means a deterring factor when such crimes are committed.
Resident dwellers need to exercise caution and care as to “who” they allow in for anything, from menial jobs, to deliveries, to your gardening and domestic services.

Often known to the deceased before the act of torment and killing it is enthralling to imagine what runs through the minds of such helpless innocent people who do not live to tell the truth or the tale.

This horrific murder during the 16 Day Violence Against Women and Children has gripped the community of Durban.

A retired state medical female doctor after 13 years at Prince Mshiyeni Hospital, who had given so much and was still giving to the uMlazi Glebe community.

What is upsetting is we live in a society where goodness is a rarity and Dr Mohamed’s loss crippling, as she served as a sterling example in her commitment to assisting victims of abuse.

Shameema Omar

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