Don’t let criminals get away


ALL too often one reads of the rampant crime in the community and the brazen and callous acts of the criminals who often act with reckless abandon and impunity.

A big thank you goes out to the police, security and other personnel, including ordinary citizens, whose sterling efforts have resulted in offenders being apprehended and prosecuted with convictions resulting. What is really sad is that often the scum of the earth (perpetrators of crime) get away with their dastardly deeds leaving behind untold damage and trauma, including loss of and damage to – property and injury, including loss of life.

One appreciates the risks people face in dealing with crime and thus an appeal is made to the community to mobilise suitably and fight crime on all fronts in co-operation and collaboration with the police and security forces in a concerted effort. It is also disappointing and common knowledge that some police and security personnel do not play their important roles in crime combating and steps must be taken to ensure that this unacceptable behaviour is eradicated.

Lazy and unproductive personnel must pull up their socks and do what they are being paid to do. Those overweight and hardly mobile need to get in shape physically for obvious reasons.Is it any wonder that with little or no deterrent against crime and the poor rate of successful prosecution people have had enough and some are resorting to vigilantism.

While I do not condone such actions, I can fully understand this having been the victim of crime on many occasions. An appeal is made to the various authorities to pool their resources and come up with good solutions to combat crime and allow the citizens to live in peace and safety – a fundamental right that is entrenched in the South African constitution.

Simon Dehal

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