Celebrating the wonderful women of the North

Carla Geyser, founder and managing trustee of Blue Sky Society and leader of the Elephant Ignite expedition, a 100 day journey by women into Africa to raise awareness about the crisis the African Elephants face from poachers believes the world can be fixed by determination and putting one foot ahead of the other, again and again and again, in her case for thousands of miles.

She began her own event company, running if for six years, worked in the commercial property auction industry earning her stripes in the business world before starting up the Blue Sky Society Trust, a NPO focused on raising money and awareness of humanitarian and conservation projects.

Passionate about helping people less fortunate than herself, she literally walking miles for causes and provides tools to empower others to achieve more.

She runs a project called Soul 2 Sole which helps give under privileged children school shoes, just one of many such projects she has undertaken over the years under the umbrella of her organisation.

Her latest project, The Elephant Ignite Expedition an all female expedition over 10 000km from South Africa to Kenya through 10 countries. The expedition which she will lead follows on her past participation in various outings including the Put Foot Rally in 2012 involving 20 days travel through 8 countries with her Pink Panthers team, Izintaba Zubombo, In the Footsteps of Joseph Thomson, and the Cape Union Mart Trans-Frontier expedition.

In addition to all the trekking she has done herself, Carla organised and led the D-Tours Africa Expedition in 2014 which raised over 1.8 million Rand for rhino conservation, and has worked an travelled with famed explorer and humanitarian, Kingley Holgate.  “I have been talking and dreaming about doing an elephant exhibition in 2012, and have always wanted to travel up to Kenya to do something special to make a difference for elephants,” she says adding that the people who are entrusted with protecting the animals she loves so much are unsung heroes. “They often get overlooked and it’s time for us to pay tribute to them and these majestic animals.”

Her advice to young women starting out is simple, “If you believe in something passionately, then firmly believe that you can achieve whatever you set out to achieve.”

“It doesn’t matter where you come from of what your story is, do what you love and the rest will fall into place!”

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