Drunk driver feigns sleep during M41 roadblock

TEN people were arrested for drunk driving on the M41 going towards uMhlanga in a joint operation between the Durban North SAPS and the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) on Friday night. One driver tried to feign being asleep during the roadblock to avoid arrest explained station spokesman, Cpt Raymond Deokaran.

“He had pulled up on the yellow line, pushed his seat all the way back and extended the backrest all the way down. When we knocked on his window he acted surprised but another officer had seen him pushing the seat back, he was laying on his side when we approached him. He claimed he had been sleeping there because he was tired. When we tested him he was over the limit. Another driver, who was over three times over the limit passed out as he reached the roadblock. We had to bang on the window several times to wake him up.

“I understand people want to unwind, however, not when it endangers other road users. What is concerning is we had motorists make illegal U-turns and attempted to drive back down the one-way towards the M4,” he said.

In May a drunk driver was arrested after throwing his keys away during the roadblock and pretending to be a passenger.


Shiraz Habbib

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