Man killed in alleged drive-by shooting

GREENWOOD Park police responded to the scene of a grisly murder in Quarry Heights Drive in the early hours of Monday morning.

According to W/O Leon Audh, spokesman for the Greenwood Park station, a 40-year-old man seemed to have been involved in a drive-by hit and was found with dozens of gunshot wounds to his arms and abdomen.

“The driver of the vehicle was driving his  blue Toyota Condor when he came under gunfire. Upon arrival, members found that the vehicle had come to a standstill at one of the tuckshops on the roadside,” he said.

The man later died at the scene, added Audh.

“No witnesses have come forward yet. Members are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrator/s to book. We urge anyone with information in this matter to please come forward,” he said.

On Sunday, police were also called to a similar scene on Old North Coast Road where the body of a man was found with his hands and feet bound. However, police were not able to confirm if the man was murdered.

Contact visual police commander, Maj Sibisi, on 082 555 3736.


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