Rogue Durban North cashier suspended

A FACEBOOK post exposing a cashier scam at a Durban North supermarket, which has been shared more than 6 000 times, has garnered waves of attention on social media. Sbonelo Mbatha said he and his wife were visiting Checkers on Virginia Circle when he was alerted to a shocking exchange.

According to Mbatha, the cashier did not ring up all items at the till and asked for a separate ‘tip’ in exchange for giving the couple stock for free. The cashier has since been arrested and suspended pending the outcome of her case.

“I went through the till first and handed my card over to my wife to pay. I realised that there was some discussion between my wife and the cashier, and I was a bit far to hear what was being discussed, but her facial expression was showing signs of confusion and concerns.

“As we exited the supermarket, I understood what happened. This cashier deliberately did not ring these items at the till and asked for a separate ‘tip’ in exchange of the favor of giving us stock for free. My wife clearly said, “No, take those items out,” and she then decided to ‘give us’ stolen goods.”

Mbatha said that the incident left him furious. He said he promptly contacted the store’s manager and reported the rogue cashier after he counted how many items had not been charged for.

“How much stock gets to walk out of the door on daily basis? I ask all my friends to please expose such and never want to benefit at the expense of another. I have to protect the business owner from these vultures who will soon run this business to bankruptcy,” he said.

Shoprite Checkers spokeswoman, Sarita Van Wyk, confirmed the incident.

“Mrs Mbatha’s experience is in contravention of our company policy and illegal actions are dealt with swiftly when reported to us. The cashier involved in this incident was arrested the same morning that Mr Mbatha reported it to the branch manager (29 January).

“The staff member has been suspended pending the outcome of the case. We are grateful for this kind of feedback from our customers as it assists us to address problem areas as they occur,” Van Wyk said.


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