10 000km for elephants

Carla Geyser, will be leading the first all-female expedition from South Africa to Kenya to raise funds and awareness for the elephant plight.

LOCAL conservationist, Carla Geyser, will be leading the first all-female expedition from South Africa to Kenya, travelling 10 000 kilometres across ten African continents to raise funds and awareness for the elephant plight.

Geyser, founder of the Blue Sky Society Trust, has spent months meticulously planning and researching the epic journey – The Elephant Ignite Expedition (EIE).

Connected by a common goal, the intrepid explorers are set to embark on their mission on Woman’s Day, 9 August 2016 in an effort to preserve Africa’s threatened ‘gentle giants’.

“We have four goals for the expedition: community upliftment, youth conservation education, public awareness of the declining elephant population and fundraising support for the non-profit organisations working to protect the elephants. Education is a huge factor as the environmental organisations and game farms need the support of the community,” said Geyser.

She added that she and her fellow conservationists also aimed to help reduce human and elephant conflict challenges through the education and awareness programmes.
During the trip, the adventurers will provide some much-needed relief to the trust’s various nominated charities as they deliver funds and donated equipment to aid in the battle against elephant poaching.

“The African elephant, one of our continent’s most iconic animals, is severely threatened, with one elephant being killed every 15 minutes. Last year, 33 000 elephants were killed. We have reached the tipping point, where more elephants are being killed than are being born,” she said.

For Geyser, one of the most exciting elements of the journey involves telling the tales of the unsung heroes who are fighting on the ground to keep wildlife safe.

“The expedition will be filmed for a web-series for the award-winning Earth Touch website. The series will document not only the journey, but tell the stories of the various organisations and people who are truly making a difference in the world of elephant conservation,” she said. For more information, you can follow them on www.blueskysociety.org or www.facebook.com/ElephantIgnite.


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