Glen Anil: Monkey killing hotspot

GLEN Anil is a ‘hotspot’ for vervet monkey deaths. This according to Steve Smit of the Monkey Helpline, who had to euthanise yet another vervet after it had been shot with a pellet gun yesterday.

Smit was outraged by the incident and said that it had been a deliberate attempt of the shooter to kill the animal. “It is clear that the shooter shot with the intention of killing the monkey. It was not a child, like some people have suggested. It is someone who has done this before, someone who knew what to do,” he said.

The animal activist said that they were regularly called out to pellet gun shootings, hit-and-run as well as dog attack incidents involving vervets in the area.

Two pellets were found lodged in the back of the animal’s skull. They had entered the cavity through both the eyes, ripping through her brain.

Shockingly the monkey was still alive after the attack. The two-year-old female was reportedly spotted, disorientated and mentally incapacitated sitting on a concrete boundary wall on Cypress Road, amidst strands of barbed wire, by resident, Diane Whittaker. She immediately alerted the rescue organisation.

After capturing the injured primate and rushing her to veterinarian, Dr Kerry Easson, in Riverside, their worst fears were realised – she would have to be euthanised due to the extent of her injuries.


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