Card skimmer suspect nabbed in uMhlanga

A MAN was arrested on Chartwell Drive last week after the Durban North SAPS were alerted to a card skimming device placed on an ABSA ATM machine. According to Lt Raymond Deokaran, spokesman for the station, police waited for the suspect to show up. “They noticed a man approach the ATM machine later that day (24 November) and place the device in his pocket. He was arrested and charged with fraud. We are still investigating whether any residents had lost money through the skimming device,” he said.

Deokaran urged people to be vigilant and not to accept strangers’ help while at an ATM.

“I ask residents to be vigilant at ATMs and keep their personal information confidential and not to accept help from strangers. With a card skimmer, criminals can read all the account information stored electronically on the magnetic stripe, plus, depending on the sophistication, record your personal identification number, or PIN, as you punch it in on the ATM keypad.

What to look out for:

  • Deokaran urged ATM users to check any machine before they use it.
  • If the keypad is raised above the surface of the desk at the ATM, it may be that thieves have installed a keypad over the existing one.
  • With the newer ATMs with a green plastic tab protruding from machine, before swiping your debit, cheque or credit card, wiggle the protruding slot in which you slide your card as thieves often install skimmers on top of the ATM’s actual slot and secure the skimmer with adhesive tape.
Shiraz Habbib

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