Preparing for the stormy season

When it comes to our four seasons, it’s pretty difficult to determine what kind of weather (or mood) they’ll throw at us.

For instance, with spring having settled in, it brings with it soaring temperatures and those all too familiar seasonal thunderstorms. As refreshing as the rain can be, it often comes with its dangers.

While hail is a particularly notorious problem at this time of year, flash flooding can also be extremely dangerous – mainly for drivers caught on suddenly slippery roads. So, with stormy weather moving in fast, it is vital to prepare yourself for the attack.

Here are a few steps you can take to help prepare for the stormy season:

  •  Avoid the road

If at all possible, avoid driving on the road. Try by all means to reschedule your meetings and outings if you’ve planned to be outdoors during a storm. Should you be unable to reschedule, keep a safe following distance when you’re on the road and check your tyres before driving off to ensure they’re safe enough to handle the wet roads. Make sure to avoid any stretches of deep water or flooded roads, as they can often be deeper than they appear at first and can cause significant damage to your car. It can also be life-threatening to you and your passengers.

  • Be prepared

As this is a season of floods and hail, it would be wise to be alert at all times when you’re driving on the road. Whether it’s a hail storm or thundershowers, stormy weather can be treacherous and result in significant damage for motorists. While you might think your sturdy SUV is invincible to the threat of water, think again. It takes only 60cm of moving water to lift a vehicle and sweep it away, with tyres essentially acting as flotation devices.

  • Keep an eye on the weather

While weather patterns can be unpredictable, large storms are generally foreseeable a few days in advance, so it’s in your interests to keep a close eye on weather apps and reports to ensure you’re adequately prepared for an approaching storm. When the stormy weather makes an appearance, make sure to move your car to an undercover spot and ensure all doors and windows are properly shut and sealed to avoid any water damaging the interior of your car.

  • Understand your insurance

Don’t wait until the bad weather has done its worst to establish whether you and your possessions are covered against storm damage. Make sure to speak to your insurance  company and go over the terms of your cover, ensuring you have appropriate insurance in the event of damage to propertycars or other valuables. At least that way, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind when those sunny skies start to darken.

Mother Nature’s mood swings can leave us at her mercy, and we could find ourselves feeling hopeless at the aftermath of a flood or severe thunderstorm. However, by understanding your options when it comes to your car insurance policy and being as prepared as possible for whatever she throws at you, you can avoid being a victim of being unable to replace damaged belongings.



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