Pure escapist recreation to test your wits right here in uMhlanga

YOU might remember the episode in Big Bang Theory when Raj’s girlfriend Emily suggest they try an Escape Room where they have to find clues and solve problems to get out of a room.

This exact experience is now available in the heart of Umhlanga at Granada Square. Gather your friends, family and co-workers to form a team of “detectives”. You will then enter a themed room, and have just 60min to gather clues, solve puzzles, combine information, decipher secret meanings and trigger hidden mechanisms in order to solve the mystery and escape the room!

Success is only possible if your team works together, making it an ideal team building exercise.

As in the episode of TVs Big Bang Theory, the tasks will test friendships and relationships while leaving you feeling like you have gone back in time into another world, rushing against the clock to escape before the Murderer returns – or stumbling on Houdini’s basement and exploring the secrets of the world’s most notorious magician, before the basement is locked down forever.

There is something for everyone, from friends and families seeking to settle the grudge from last Christmas’ cricket match loss, to gamers who will no doubt only be happy if they beat the record for the room and complete every possible room before any of their friends can. Executives needing something to inspire their creativity and team ethos have found it very helpful with quite a few top corporate entities already trying it out.

The most competitive of you reading this will no doubt be keen to try this out first so you can get the kudos of having “introduced” your friends to the experience. If so, what are you waiting for? Check out the website right now and book your session.

There are at present three themed rooms, 37 mysterious locks to master, and only a handful of successful escapees who have managed to crack the room’s secrets in the 60-minute time limit. If you don’t succeed at first, you can be assured you will be wanting to go back again. For teams from two to six people, it is an ideal way to escape the heat of summer and burn up your brainpower instead, leaving you feeling like you have achieved something remarkable.

Right now I’m heading on over to Whatsapp to build my team and check out the Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Room which looks right up my alley! Our very own Northglen News team recently tried out the Houdini Escape Room, and without giving anything too much away I can report that even they didn’t escape – but they came close! To book your #MindGameEscape or find out more phone 087 238 2524 or drop them an email on bookings@mindgame.co.za.

If you get it right, you will have boasting rights forever! If not, you can always try again.

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