Bullets fly in Durban North monkey shooting

THE man and woman behind Monkey Helpline are mourning not only the death of a baby monkey but also her pregnant mother.  An angry Steve Smit who heads up the organisation with Carol Booth called the Northglen News this morning with a story that he said left his team furious.

A 10-month-old vervet monkey had been shot in Burleigh Place, Durban North yesterday afternoon. “I received a call from a resident who said she saw a monkey dragging itself through her garden ending up in a hedge adjoining the neighbour’s property. The neighbour’s dogs attempted to attack the paralyzed baby monkey.”

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Smit said it was only when they arrived on the scene of the incident that he saw what had unfolded in the gruesome attack. The baby monkey had been shot in the back – a lead pellet shot from an air gun had shattered her spine.

“The mother of this baby monkey who was heavily pregnant came to the baby’s rescue and she was killed by the dogs. A male monkey also tried to intervene and he was badly injured.”

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Smit said the incident could of been much worse had there been children playing innocently in a nearby yard. “Pellet guns are illegal and should be dealt with by police in terms of the Firearm control Act,” said Smit.

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