In search of the perfect, golden tan

WE might love the fact that the sun’s out and the beach is calling, but revealing out pasty winter body to the rest of the world is a whole other story. You need a tan and you need it pronto, preferably minus long hours baking under the sun and suffering that early summer sunburn.

Don’t despair, the experts at SunFx Airbrush Tanning studio in Sunningdale have got you covered, literally!

The salon has been discreetly adding golden tans to its growing list of male and female clients of all ages for 12 years. And it’s not just the ordinary folk looking for a confidence-boosting tan, we’re talking models and sports personalities as well. Let’s face it, sporting a golden tan makes you feel good about yourself, it increases those feel-good hormones and makes you feel more confident about your body.

Caraline Hillier of SunFx Airbrush Tanning salon in Sunningdale.

Caraline Hillier of SunFx Airbrush Tanning salon in Sunningdale.

“SunFx airbrush tanning is definitely comparable, if not superior to the results you would get from sun bathing under the summer sun or at a solarium,” says Caraline Hillier of SunFx Airbrush Tanning salon in Sunningdale.

“When I started self-tanning there weren’t many self-tanning products on the market that did not end up giving you an orange glow. Through much research and travelling, I discovered SunFx, which is made in Australia. It is regarded globally as one of the top spray tans on the market. It is odourless, has no alcohol, perfumes or artificial preservatives and, most importantly, does not streak.

Caraline says it is important for clients to feel comfortable with their therapist whose main focus is to have them walking out the salon, looking as though they’ve just come from an island holiday and are tanned and confident.
According to Caraline, the process is pretty simple and takes around five minutes to apply.

Clients are often surprised to notice a completely natural tan almost immediately. This continues to develop over two to five hours, depending on the solution applied and will last between a week and 10 days, depending on skin type and providing the correct preparation was carried out.

When it comes down to what to wear, Caraline says it’s best to wear as little as possible. The salon does provide disposables, but clients are welcome to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.
Once SunFx has been applied, clients are advised not to wet the skin for at least two hours. Don’t be alarmed when you do finally get under the shower and discover the bronzer coming off. Caraline says this is normal and part of the tanning process. It is advisable to use a light moisturiser afterward to prolong the life of your tan.

For those who have very sensitive skin, Caraline advises you do a test on a localised area before taking the plunge and getting an all-over tan.

You can find SunFX tanning studio at Sunningdale Medical Centre, Village Way, Sunningdale or contact on 082 559 8189 or visit their Facebook page where you can send them a message.

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