Wiggle into cleaning and greening

WORMS might not be the most majestic creatures on the planet, but the Upper Umhlanga Security Trust (UUST) has ‘enlisted’ the assistance of these tiny critters for its newest cleaning and greening initiative.

In an effort to not only reduce the amount of waste that lands up at landfill sites, but also to increase the number of indigenous trees in the area, the trust will be selling small worm farms to the community.

The Eco Bucket package includes a small plastic bucket to keep the worms in, the Red Wrigglers Worms (Eisenia fetida) as well as an indigenous tree.

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Once the tree has been planted in the garden the bucket is buried next to the tree, with just the lid visible.

The homeowner can then deposit either kitchen scraps (such as vegetables, tea bags or coffee grinds) or their pet’s feces into the tub for the worms to break down.

Richard van Heerden shows off his worms fed solely on vegetables.

Meat can, however, not be consumed by the worms.


While this sounds rather unpleasant, Portland Drive resident, Richard van Heerden, who spearheaded the project, said this will eliminate unnecessary waste.

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“This also has an added benefit as all the castings (worm waste) and worm tea (worm wee) is extremely fertile. However, our biggest aim is to get the indigenous trees out there,” said van Heerden, who is a member of the trust.

The buckets can be buried in the ground next to an indigenous tree and turned into a small worm farm.

“The UUST is more than just about security. We also strive to facilitate community involvement, community improvement projects as well as cleaning and greening initiatives,” he said.

Van Heerden said he was first introduced to worm farming by his brother in New Zealand and then built his own worm farm at home.

Contact Benard Chatiboko, UUST cleaning and greening representative on 078 751 5991 or e-mail him on [email protected]

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