Dangerous curves ahead! Watch out world, I am a warrior princess!

Picture of Wonder Woman
Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman

Close your eyes if you need to, imagine yourself there, working out, feeling great, following an exercise programme tailor made for you and given all the support you need in a ladies-only environment….

How does that feel?

Pretty fantastic I’d imagine, with such an option who would ever want to have to go and sweat with a bunch of strangers in a huge anonymous gym environment?

Is this the training island where Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman grew up?

No, welcome to Curves, right here in your neighbourhood for women like you and me!

Curves (supplied)

Curves staff pride themselves in knowing every member by name and understanding member’s individual needs to support and guide them through their journey to get results.  The Curves Workout is a 30-minute full body workout, safe and effective for women of any age and fitness level and promises to help members reach their goals quickly and effectively.
The workout can help burn up to 2000 kilojoules in just 30 minutes, with equipment that is specially designed for women and it all takes place in the perfect safe space to grow stronger as you train in a secure environment, with certified coaches to support and motivate you every step of the way.

Get on the circuit

The Curves circuit combines cardio and strength training, working every major muscle group – designed to not only help with weight loss and improve energy levels but also to firm and tone the body – while revving up the metabolism.

Curves Complete

A special option gives members a complete weight-loss solution as Curves Complete combines the right exercise with an easy-to-follow meal-plan alongside 1-on-1 coaching with a Cleveland Clinic certified coach. Curves Complete is scientifically tested to burn more fat than dieting alone, while increasing metabolism, and protecting muscle and bone density.

Get smart

Then there is CurvesSmart, the most advanced electronic coaching system in the world. Each piece of gym equipment is programmed with each member’s unique body’s information, giving them moment-to-moment feedback and comprehensive progress reports on calories burnt and muscle strength. This means there is no need guess if your workout is doing what it should, you can see the results as you train.

In addition to being tech smart, the equipment is mechanically safe too.  It uses the effective action of hydraulic resistance which allows you to focus on every major muscle group, working two muscles at a time.

Visit Curves Durban North at Kensington Square, or phone them on 031 563 7579 to book your first session.
Find out more about the Curves approach by visiting their website: www.curves.co.za

Otherwise, check out the Curves South Africa Facebook page for tips and tricks and inspiration like this post for Women’s Month.


Eve Morris
Photographer and Feature Writer

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