Buttery Road back in the spotlight

Jean-Marc Tostee said the overgrown vegetation has created the perfect spot for illegal dumping along Buttery Road in Umgeni Park.

AS the ongoing illegal dumping in Glenhills has once again sparked outrage from within the community, the residents of Umgeni Park have expressed concerns over the same issue along Buttery Road.

While litter and rubbish can clearly be seen strewn at several spots along the road, residents were particularly perturbed by a large load of tyres that was dumped in the vegetation at the bottom of the road.

In the past Buttery Road has also earned the ire from locals as it has become a notoriously dangerous spot for muggings which have plagued pedestrians.

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Now local resident, Jean-Marc Tostee said he believed the lack of service delivery from the Parks department was exacerbating these issues.

“At the moment the overgrown vegetation provides not only a perfect hiding spot for criminals to lie and wait, but also provides cover for the dumped rubbish. If the vegetation was cut back it would definitely provide some deterrence,” he said.

Tostee, who is an entrepreneur businessman, said he and a fellow resident Joy Chiang have removed over 20 tyres from the site during the course of the last week.

However, while visiting the site with the Northglen News on Wednesday, 26 July he noticed that a new batch of tyres had since been dumped.

“I care about my neighbourhood and I fear if this is not addressed it will only get worse,” said the 53-year-old.

Tostee appealed for a fence to be erected along the road to limit access to the vegetation.

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Chiang, who is also a member of the Durban North/Umhlanga Crisis Team supported his appeal, saying she personally knew of three incidents in the last year.

“This man walked up to me and threatened to stab me with a screwdriver. When I called him on it he fled. My tenant was grabbed by the hair and robbed of her mobile phone and my domestic worker was pulled into the bush and robbed. It’s not safe to walk there on your own,” she said.

Councillor Shaun Ryley said the road remained a huge concern.

“It needs to nipped in the bud as soon as possible. As soon as illegal dumping has taken place it invites others to follow suit,” he said.

In addition to reporting the illegal dumping to Durban Solid Waste (DSW) he said he would submit a request to Parks department to clear the vegetation.

Ryley said he would also follow up with an appeal he and Brian Daish of the Greenwood Park CPF had made, years ago, to have a fence erected along Buttery Road.

He urged the community to report illegal dumping to DSW and warned that offenders faced a fine of R5 000.

Contact the DSW help line on 031 311 8804 or email [email protected]

Mariclair Smit

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