City install street signs a year later

Ward councillor Pete Graham with the newly installed traffic calming signs.
Ward councillor Pete Graham with the newly installed traffic calming signs.

IN July last year, the City approved a request for traffic calming signs on Longwoods Drive. This followed a number of requests and appeals from the community and from ward councillor, Pete Graham. With three reported accidents in 2015, one of which involved a fatality, residents felt the road was dangerous, particularly along the upper end, at the sharp bend.

The residents’ desperation and concern over the situation was clearly evident by the chevron warning tape they have wrapped around three trees at the site. Tired of waiting, residents took matters into their own hands by making three black and yellow chevron signs. However, the City has finally installed three traffic calming signs on the dangerous bend.

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“The supply chain unit allowed the contract with one of the signage companies to expire which led to the delay. The City now has a year backlog. It’s fantastic to see how the community did the best they can. The concerning thing is the speed at which people come around this bend. The neighbours whose driveway is situated right on the bend has had abuse hurled at them and flashing lights because they have to cautiously enter their driveway. The speed some of the people drive at is staggering, that’s why we need these signs, especially now as there are two sets of signs,” he said.


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