Drunk driver pushes Metro cop in M4 roadblock

A DRUNK driver attempted to bully his way past a Metro police officer on the M4 on Saturday night. The man, who was driving a luxury BMW used his vehicle to push the officer out of the way. He then attempted to drive through the roadblock but was promptly stopped by officers.

The three hour operation hosted by the Durban North SAPS and Metro Police also saw 19 drunk drivers nabbed in the roadblock on the M4 just before the Virginia off-ramp.

Capt Raymond Deokaran, spokesman for the station, again warned drivers not to try aggressive tactics to get out of roadblocks.

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“This is not the first time a drunk driver has attempted to drive over or push an officer out of the way. The man was charged with drunk driving and was arrested immediately, thankfully the officer was uninjured in the incident. What is concerning is the number of motorists who tried to drive contra-flow to the roadblock. They were actually driving back up as far as the Broadway on-ramp which was incredibly dangerous. We managed to put an end to it by posting a vehicle at the top of the ramp,” he said.

This is the 13th night-time roadblock held this year which has seen 166 drunk drivers arrested and charged for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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“Too many motorists are still risking their own safety as well as that of other road users by driving their vehicles after they have consumed alcohol. It is truly concerning how common place drunk driving is,” Deokaran said.


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