PACT faces closure over mounting vet bills

THE Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (PACT) animal rescue will face closure if it can’t reduce its vet bills to local veterinarians in the area. Neeri Naidoo, one of the founders of the organisation said it was heartbreaking to consider closing temporarily or permanently. According to Naidoo the NPO’s bill is in excess of R200 000.

“Our vet bill has reached an all time high. We are currently sitting on R250 000 worth of debt, almost R200 000 of that is due to the Ridge Vet & Pet Spa. Since January we have taken in 532 dogs and cats and with the mounting costs, we are battling to stay afloat,” she said.

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Despite various fundraising initiatives, Naidoo said it was not nearly enough.

“We haven’t been able to make a dent in the debt and it’s hard to say this but we cannot take any new cases on until we can pay half the bill, treat and home the current animals at the vet and help find foster homes for some. We are looking at temporarily or permanently closing PACT and paying off our debt if the situation doesn’t improve,” she said.

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Shiraz Habbib

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