The well-dressed have a secret trick that you can use too

IN every circle of friends there is always that one person who stands out and always manages to look great.

No matter what occasion, she has a knack for finding the perfect outfit and somehow always ends up looking like she has stepped out of the pages of a glamorous glossy fashion magazine.

In a world of conformity, she rises to the occasion with grace and elegance every single time. How does she do it?




Classy second-hand clothing is a trend gaining traction globally. Hidden in Durban North, a specialist store caters to those with a discerning taste for something unique and stylish which simply can’t be found in on the rails and shelves of chain-stores and big shopping malls.



Robyn Webster, owner of Dress for Less, offers people a way to recoup their investment in good clothing.

“People often don’t want to part with good quality stuff and feel simply giving it away is often not an option. This is where they can at least get some money back on their expensive clothing purchases.”

This is a shop you need to visit often to make sure you don’t miss out. “It’s like treasure hunting, but you know we only have proper treasures on our hangers,” explains Robyn.



The focus on quality and the discerning gaze of Patsi and Robyn who select the outfits themselves, sets this store apart from the run-of-the-mill second-hand store or charity shop.

“I have had ladies who bought whole ensembles for weddings or days at the races from our selection,” said Robyn.

“I call this shop a treasure trove,” said Patsi who likens herself to the character from the Ab Fab movie and TV series, who always manages to keep her head above water in the most stylish way possible.

“Sometimes an item will not even last a day. As soon as we put on the hanger the perfect buyer walks in and snaps it up!” she exclaimed.

All types of outfits are on offer, from jackets and suits to dresses, blouses and skirts as well as accessories like shoes and handbags.

“In many cases, items have never been worn by their original owners, or only worn once. The store even stocks ranges of perfumes which can be picked up for a fraction of the price they go for in department stores.”



So if you’re looking for something glam and stylish but still keep to your budget, pop in yourself and see how this treasure trove store can help you look and feel absolutely fabulous.

Find it at 8 B Mackeurtan Avenue Durban North 4051 or phone 031 563 2925 to find out how to give your discarded designer treasures a brand new lease on life. Check out the Dress for Less facebook page at


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