Mystery tower baffles Prestondale residents

Residents have been left perplexed and infuriated by the sudden erection of this municipal tower, two months ago.

RESIDENTS of Meridian Drive and Autumn Drive in uMhlanga have been confounded and concerned by the sudden erection of a tower at the intersection a few months ago. The locals believed that the structure was a cell phone mast, but the eThekwini Municipality say that the tower is part of its ‘city-wide CCTV project’. The City said, “This project is in line with the Municipal Integrated Development Programme which includes creating a safe City as well as the new Smart City objective.”

The municipality said the tower would be installed with among other things, licence plate recognition cameras. “The City has established relations with many response agencies and private sector organisations. The objective was to reduce crime in various parts of the City as well as to have coverage of parts of the City where high levels of crime have been reported,” they said.

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Ward councillor Heinz de Boer said that the tower was a positive for the area because it brought it in line with international best practices. “A camera will be installed on the tower in the near-future and it will linked to the City disaster control room where they can monitor and quickly respond to incidents in the area,” he said.

The municipality stated that the cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However some residents are concerned that the tower is being used by a cell phone provider. De Boer said, “The City, I believe, can rent out space on the towers. Should locals have any concerns I ask that they please contact me directly, in writing, so that I can take the matter up. I am here to represent them.”

The ward councillor’s email address is [email protected]



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