Handy hints to help you adopt a low carb lifestyle

Robyn Webster of Loafers Low Carb Superstore says many people give up before they begin to see the benefit from changing their diet because of this phase. “Please try and press through this ‘carb flu’ as coming out on the other side, with all the benefits of energy, vitality and no bloating and feelings of discomfort is worth the short term discomfort,” she explains.



Robyn says low carb food is delicious and keeps people feeling full for far longer than high carb foods. Here are some of her top tips for adapting to a healthier low carb eating plan.


  • Don’t eat with the clock, out of habit or as a hobby. “Eat when you are hungry,” advises Robyn. “Eat until you are full then stop eating until you are actually hungry again.” She says people find that eating food with enough of a fat content tends to keep them feeling full for hours.


  • Eat lots of green vegetables and drink lots of water to avoid the low carb constipation which sometimes occur when changing over to this lifestyle. “Seed crackers containing physillum are a great thing to eat,” suggests Robyn adding that seed crackers also make great snacks or lunch time meals with pate, cheese, or avo as a topping.


  • Make sure you plan your meals and have the right ingredients for healthy eating in your home to avoid reaching for less healthy convenience options. “Throw out all the bad food in the house and free your cupboards of tins, packets and bottles of stuff you have had there for 100 years,” says Robyn. “Your cupboards will seem very bare when eating a low carb lifestyle as most of the food is fresh and chilled or frozen, very little lives in the cupboard.”


  • When going out to eat choose protein and vegetable and salads. “Going out for dinner to to friend’s houses is not as bad as you think,” says Robyn who advocates preparing your host ahead of time so they are aware of your choice of food limitations. “Swop dessert for a lovely cappuccino with cream or take a bar of dark chocolate as a hostess gift and suggest they try it while you are there.”



For the whole family

Robyn says even the younger members of every family can benefit from the food that is part of a low carb lifestyle. “Children benefit greatly from this lifestyle,” she says, “attention deficit and behavioral problems can be greatly alleviated by eating a low carb diet. The good fats are great for little and big brains, so please teach your children the merits of eating this way. You are doing the best thing you can for both their health and yours.”

However, the food recommended for this lifestyle isn’t for the furred and feathered family members. “Pets and birds must never be given low carb food and snacks that contain Xylitol as it can be fatal for them,” warns Robyn.



Find what you need

Loafers low carb superstore stocks all the foods you might need to prepare the best low carb meals at home in your own kitchen as well as some great frozen ready-made meals, and a variety of treats and snacks to keep you snacking heathily. Robyn, Tim Dickens and Alison Faulds are well informed and are always willing to help by listening to customer’s questions and queries and offering guidance in store to help them start a new lifestyle, or adapt the lifestyle to suit their particular needs.




“Don’t let people tell you that you will drop dead by eating a low carb diet, or that you will die from high cholesterol or have a heart attack or live damage,” says Robyn. “This is all old information that people have believed over the years and is completely misguided.” Robyn says when people start eating low carb they can expect to get healthier and thinner. “Another benefit is that your grocery bill will go down, not up,” she says.


Find the store at Loafers Low Carb Superstore 87 Umhlanga Rocks Drive Shop 11 Arcadia Centre (Upper Level), Durban North, Durban, 4051 or phone them on 031 563 5080.

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