City responds to bus blockade

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THE eThekwini Municipality has released a press statement about today’s bus blockade on several major roads around the City.

Around 10am on Friday, reports on social media started surfacing of municipal buses being left abandoned on highways and at intersections of busy routes in and around Durban. The Ruth First Highway and M4 South, Broadway in Durban North, the N3 at Spaghetti Junction, Spine Road Bridge going to the Pavilion, and  Umgeni Road – Connaught bridge were block. City buses had been left empty by drivers.

The City said that it is working with Transnat, the municipal bus operator, to remove the obstructing buses that have caused major traffic congestion around Durban. The municipality said, “The buses were parked by bus drivers this morning after leaving the depot and the reason for this is suspected to be linked to the national mass action taking place today.”

The statement went on to say that officials are also working to identify the culprits.


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Christopher Tifflin

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