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Coffee is an extremely labour intensive affair. Worldwide the coffee industry provides a livelihood for millions of people, from those who farm the beans via those who process the grounds, right through to those who make our drinks at our favourite Coffee Shop.  As a commodity, coffee passes through many, many hard-working hands before it arrives at the roaster.


“At the roaster we have the responsibility to convert the green beans into something new and special – not only to bring out the best characteristics out of the beans, but importantly to represent the culmination of all the efforts and processors from seedling to roasted bean.”

“Roasting is a very ‘hands on’ experience that embraces passion, artisan know-how and skill!” explained Deon Erwee, owner of Coffee Merchant.

The Durban North based company states its main mission is to supply our cafés/coffee shops, hotels, bistros, corporate business, offices and home Baristas with a range of freshly roasted superior quality Arabica coffee bean blends and single origin speciality varietals.

“Our motto is ‘Taste the Freshness!’ The way we keep that promise is by roasting on-demand,” said Deon.

Each week the company receives its weekly trade customer’s orders and then roasts in small continuous batches to ensure that each order is packed full of freshness to ensure good taste.

Their premises at 80 Rinaldo Road is worth a visit for any serious coffee lover. There they will be afforded an opportunity to witness the interactive roasting process under the guidance of the Master Roaster, and sample all the aromatic smells and tastes.


“We give visitors an opportunity to taste various single origin, or blends on offer and then they can purchase an array of freshly roasted blends or single origin coffees straight from the roaster,” said Deon. “

Please note that we are not a traditional ‘coffee shop or cafe come roaster’ scenario. We only offer our freshly roasted beans or espresso equipment for sale!”

The Coffee Merchant also specialises in retailing commercial espresso machines, grinders, barista peripherals and also offers barista courses. We also represent the following brands: La Marzocco, Astoria, Wega, Crem, Rocket, Ditting, Mazzer, Compak, Jura and Brew Tool.

Currently, the equipment showroom is available on appointment only. For any queries contact Deon on 031 569 14 12.

Coffee Merchant, address: Unit 13, 80 Rinaldo Road, Red Hill, 4051.,

Tel: 031 569 1412, Facebook: CoffeeMerchantDBN

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