To fibre or not to fibre, what should I do?


Fibre is fabulous! Mitsol directors Maurice de Marigny (left), Andrew Boyd and Warren Bricknell (right), are passionate about providing Highway / Northern suburbs residents with efficient, high-speed fibre internet connectivity.)


What is FTTH?

Fibre to the Home – commonly abbreviated as FTTH – is the latest and most sophisticated method of internet access available for homes and SOHO (small office, home offices). FTTH is widely used globally and is now available in selected Highway / Northern suburbs with more areas set to come online in the near future.

How does FTTH compare to traditional internet for homes and small offices?

In short fibre offers:

  • Faster upload and download speeds
  • Lower latency, meaning that webpages open faster
  • Higher reliability
  • Better value for money


Is fibre faster?

Fibre is much faster, more efficient and more cost effective than traditional internet services (copper or aluminium telephone lines). With fibre services, you are no longer constrained by slow internet, interminable buffering delays, and connectivity problems Common fibre service speeds range from 2Mbps to 100Mbps, and with fibre infrastructure this upper limit is not restricted.





What does fibre cost?

Mitsol – via their open access model of multiple ISP (internet service provider) partners -offers business and home offices a wide selection of monthly data options, ranging from R445 for an entry level service to over R2000 per month for a sophisticated uncapped and unshaped data service at 100Mbps, with many service choices in between. These fees include the line rental and there are no extra hidden costs.



How will my home change with FTTH?

With access to higher speed internet, homes can become smart homes.
A few examples of benefits include:

  • Improved voice and video calls with loved ones locally and overseas
  • Online access to movies and TV series via services such as Netflix means that you are no longer tied to broadband schedules.
  • Your data, including your valuable photos, can be safely stored in ‘the cloud’ and accessed even if your computer or tablet device is damaged or stolen
  • Remote monitoring of CCTV allows you to keep an eye on your property from any location. Working from home becomes more possible as you can join conference calls, access files and get much of the office experience without leaving the comfort of your home.


What is an Open Access Model?

Open Access means that the subscriber has a wide choice in the number of service providers to choose from. You might even be able to stick with your current ISP, keep your email address, while reaping the benefits of a change to FTTH.

With Open Access, your preferred service provider uses the physical fibre service provided by others. Mitsol is the company that ‘lights’ – another term for activating the internet service – the physical fibre cables. Mitsol has partnered with many ISPs to offer the popular Open Access model. This means that you, the consumer, are not limited to interacting with only one ISP, but rather, can choose from packages offered by many different ISPs. Check out some of the different packages available here.


Is my area covered by fibre already?

The fibre infrastructure is spreading across South Africa rapidly – check out this map to see if your ‘hood is currently covered by clicking on coverage on this link.



Sign me up!

Sign up for FTTH by visiting to view the various ISP data packages or contact MITSOL on (031) 566-2451, or email [email protected]

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