WATCH: Arnold rescues large Mozambique spitting cobra in Avoca

DURBAN North snake man, Jason Arnold recently rescued a Mozambique spitting cobra from a home in Avoca. The large snake had sought refuge behind a stone near a prayer area.

“He was rescued from a complex in Tyne Avenue in Avoca. I was so pleased that nobody at the complex killed this magnificent creature. Spitting cobras are highly venomous, their spit is actually venom. Spitting cobras aim for the eyes, an extremely vulnerable part of the body.

“Once the venom of a spitting cobra gets in your eyes, you will feel pain and be forced to retreat. If left untreated, victims can even go blind.

In December, 2015, a Dutch tourist had a cobra spit in both of his eyes. The snake had hitched a ride in his luggage.

Contact Arnold on 082 745 6375 or  follow his Facebook page.

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