WATCH: Water leak outrages ward councillor

A WARD Councillor has taken to Facebook to vent his fury in a video, showing the apparent extent of a water leak running from a reservoir in Mount Moriah. Pete Graham, ward councillor for the area, is fuming in the two minute video posted on his Facebook blog, that despite allegedly making two references to the municipality, the issue has not been resolved. The video comes amidst a severe water drought that has gripped the country.

“We know that it’s [the leak] coming right out of the reservoir and has been for years. I’ve personally reported this six weeks [Graham corrects this in the post saying that was in fact two months ago] to the Metro and this water is flowing at, I don’t know, 10 hundred litres a minute day and night and we will get our water cut off because the City’s too bloody lazy to fix it,” Graham says in the video.

The water the ward councillor says the water is running from Rainbow Road to Mela Street – he then walks up the steep hillside to the source of where the water is flowing in the video. An out-of-breath Graham, shows  the leak and says, “I’m just the ward councillor [for the area], I managed to find this leak in five minutes of climbing.” He went on to say shortly thereafter, “In five minutes, there’s the leak. Metro would you like me to geo-tag it for you and you can come and do the job that we all paying our rates and taxes for?”

In the video, Graham goes down the slope and shows where the water flows to and the resultant flooding.



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