Make sure your property valuation is correct

LOCAL residents have until the end of March to inspect and object, if necessary, to the valuations in its third General Valuation Roll. The roll, has been open for inspection and objection from February 10.

The last property valuation roll was done in 2012. Durban North ward councillor, Shaun Ryley, urged residents to check their valuations.

“Ratepayers need to determine whether the valuation attributed is a correct reflection of the property. If this amount it is higher than the actual value of their property then they will be paying proportionally higher rates on it. Property owners have until 31 March to lodge objections before the valuation roll is confirmed. Once this process is complete residents will have very little recourse, if any, to object to the value ascribed until the next valuation is done in four years’ time,” he said.

A link to the valuation roll is available on the eThekwini municipality’s website.

Follow these steps

1. Visit the eThekwini website and click on eThekwini 2017 Valuations Roll and click the first link

2. Click the drop-down menu to the right of where it says “valuation roll” and select “Full Title Property” or “Sectional Title Property” as applicable

3. Click “Go”

4. Only fill in where it says “Street No.”, “Street Name” and select your suburb from the drop-down on the right

5. Ignore the fields under “Rate Number” and “Cadastral Description”

6. Click “Search” at the top

7. Your property should appear

8. If you feel the amount ascribed is not a fair reflection of the value of your property then lodge an appeal by following the link below:

9. If you have problems accessing your property value you can view it at the Sizakala Centre at 327 Umhlanga Rocks Drive.


If you are upgrading or looking for a home in the area, see a list of the properties in the area:

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