WATCH: Sand pours out of Durban North man’s tap

A DURBAN North man says he is at his wit’s end after a month of frustrations with the City.  Derek Moe, who lives on Kenneth Kaunda (Northway) said the issue which began in February often leaves him without water, or with large amounts sand pouring out of his taps. The issue comes amidst the water crisis which leaves large parts of the City without water for 11 hours, from 7pm to 6am.

“Sometimes so much sand pours out that the fittings, cisterns and taps are all clogged. The standard taps don’t close properly and I’m concerned about my geyser. We believe one of the pipes has a hole in it which is allowing large amounts of sand into our pipes. It’s worse in the mornings when the water is turned on, because the pressure forces more sand out.

“We’ve reported the issue several times but the lack of communication from the City is frustrating. Some days we have water, while others, the pressure is too low and then we have the issue with the sand pouring out the tap. We can’t shower or use the toilet and had to use other facilities to shower. The City claim they have fixed the problem which they haven’t,” he said.

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