Talented teens to perform in America

Duet partners Kiara Teunissen and Dante Francesconi will be heading to America at the end of July for an international talent showcase.

TWO Crawford La Lucia learners will be heading to Orlando, Florida later this year for the Applause Talent Rising Showcase. Kiara Teunissen (15) and Dante Francesconi (16) will get the chance to perform in front of international talent agents from July 31 and August 6. The Grade 11 learners were spotted by world-renowned talent scout, Kim Myers at the International Arts Talent Showcase held last year in Johannesburg.

Applause Talent Rising Showcase are an American-based talent organisation.  At the showcase people from around the world will perform for two days and will get the chance to meet talent agents and attend workshops hosted by big-name labels such as Sony/BMG, Walt Disney Entertainment and Atlantic Records.

While they have known each other for years, Teunissen and Francesconi began singing together in 2015. They said they are excited about their upcoming trip to the USA.
“We’re going to get the chance to meet people like us over there and that’s really exciting. I think meeting people who are from all over the world with different perspectives will be great,” Francesconi said.

The duet partners have a love for singing and performing, and they both say that they want to pursue their passion after school. “I really just love singing and if I could just be on a stage for the rest of my life regardless of where it was. I can’t imagine my life without singing,” said Francesconi.

The pair, who have each been performing since they were children, are preparing for the showcase under the tutelage and mentorship of South African agency, Just You Model and Artist Management.


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