Be aware of the following vehicles, warns local police

GREENWOOD Park SAPS have released a list of the cars used in crimes.  They have warned residents to be cautious saying the vehicles are on the police’s database for having been used during crimes in the area. Spokesperson for the police station, W/O Leon Audh said, “The community should be weary if they notice these vehicles in our areas.”

Audh said the number plates of some of the vehicles had been recorded and warned residents to be cautious if they spot cars with these number plates.  Residents are urged to contact 10111, SAPS Greenwood Park or a private security company for assistance.

The list of cars and the crimes they were used in are as follows:

  • Grey Mercedes Benz – house robbery
  • White Ford Figo – house robbery
  • VW Golf 1 – carjacking
  • White BMW, ND704099 – business robbery
  • Black VW Golf – carjacking
  • Black Peugeot, NPN – attempted carjacking
  • Blue Mercedes Benz, NJ79836 – attempted carjacking
  • White Toyota Hilux – business robbery
  • VW Golf 7, ND21719 – theft of another motor vehicle
  • VW Golf 7 – theft of another motor vehicle
  • Black Toyota RunX – business robbery
  • White VW Polo – carjacking
  • Blue VW Golf 1 – robbery
  • Gold Mercedes Benz – business robbery
  • Red VW Golf – common robbery
  • White Vito Mercedes Benz – armed robbery
  • Silver VW Polo – house robbery
  • Maroon Toyota Corolla, ND561870 – armed robbery

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