Fearful feline rescued from Connaught Bridge

A GLENASHLEY resident is being hailed for his kindness after saving a kitten that was stranded on the Connaught Bridge near the Umgeni Bird Park. Gary Holloway, not only saved the fearful feline, but once rescued, had to dismantle his dashboard to free her. The young feline has been given the name Dash after being stuck in Holloway’s dashboard.

“I drove past her in the morning to Pinetown and when I returned I saw she was still stuck there. I stopped the car and put my hazards on and approached her. She was terrified and just clinging to the spot in pure terror.

“I managed to get her in the car with much effort and that’s when she darted under the seat. Before I knew it she had gotten up into the dashboard. When I got home I tried to coax her out with a bit of food but she was wedged in tight. I began dismantling the dash just to get her out,” he said.

After about three hours, the 39-year-old was able to rescue the kitty, who was scared and angry, said Holloway.

“She was really scared and had scratched and bitten her way out. I was just so pleased that I managed to save her. Gianna Scoulelis of Animally Haven, who is a family friend, has her now and suggested the name ‘freeway’ to me but I said why not ‘dashboard’ and that’s when we decided on Dash,” he said.

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