Overgrown vegetation along M4 concerns locals

LOCALS of north Durban are worried about the overgrown foliage along the M4 highway stretching between La Lucia and uMhlanga. Concerns have been mounting over the safety of the encroaching vegetation onto the asphalt and for the branches hanging over the road.

Ward councillor for the area, Heinz de Boer said that he has received numerous complaints pertaining to the stretch of highway but that certain sections, such as this one, were in fact owned by the provincial government.

He stated that it was a matter which has been building due to consistent poor maintenance.

According to De Boer the provincial government had appointed a contractor to deal with the issue.

He went on to say that keeping the vegetation at bay was a ‘long term matter’.  What’s more the pruning of the foliage had to be done with care because of the indigenous plant species needing protection. Another long-standing concern was the absence of space on the side of the lanes for cars to pull over into in the event of an emergency.

He reiterated that he will continue to pressure his peers in the provincial legislature to see that the matter is attended to.


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