WATCH: Large black mamba found in woman’s bed

Arnold has caught hundreds of black mambas in his time.
Arnold has caught hundreds of black mambas in his time.

WAKING up with a venomous snake in your bedroom is a terrifying thought for most people, but for a Parlock woman, that nightmare became a reality on Tuesday morning. Durban North snake man, Jason Arnold who was called out to a capture a ‘black snake’ did not expect to find Africa’s deadliest snake, a black mamba. What is more, the 38-year-old caught the entire rescue on video.

“I expected to find a spotted bush snake when I arrived but instead I found a rather large black mamba. She spotted the serpent laying near her mirror and immediately fled the room. When I arrived, I found the snake on her headboard. The scary thing is the snake was in her bedroom the whole time and didn’t bite her. It just goes to show black mambas aren’t the evil snakes they are made out to be.

“If I make it look easy, it’s because I’m a professional and have caught many hundreds of mambas and venomous snakes over the last 20 odd years. Please do not ever try to get into a wild snakes personal space as I do, it’s asking for trouble,” said Arnold.

Contact Arnold on 082 745 6375 or  follow his Facebook page.

The black mamba is one of Africa's deadliest snakes.

The black mamba is one of Africa’s deadliest snakes.

Black Mamba facts

  • Black mambas are widely considered to be the world’s deadliest snake and the world’s fastest.
  • Just two drops of black mamba venom can kill a human.
  • Their venom contains neurotoxins which are fast-acting. It shuts down the nervous system and paralyzes victims.
  • The black mamba is one of four species of mambas
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