Cable fault leaves Durban North residents in the dark

DURBAN North residents expressed their frustration following the constant power outages in the area since Monday. According Durban North ward councillor Shaun Ryley, the power outages were caused by a cable fault that occurred at approximately 11pm on Monday, 30 January.

Technicians worked throughout the night to replace the cable and restore electricity to residents’ homes. Power was restored around mid-morning on Tuesday, according to Ryley, but unfortunately the replacement cable blew and power was lost again.

Ryley posted a message on Facebook from a senior manager in the electricity department. In the post, the manager said that they were having a ‘stroke of bad luck’ but were battling non-stop through the difficulties to restore electricity to exasperated locals.

Ryley told the Northglen News that four main feeder cables had faulted. He said the main feeder cables had been repaired adding that 95 per cent of the area’s power was already up and running. However two minor faults persisted, and a mini-substation was being tended to.

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Christopher Tifflin

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