Another violent uMgeni Park attack rocks the community

UNITED and unhappy uMgeni Park and Durban communities are in sadness, shock and highly concerned for justice barely two months after Prince Mshiyeni’s former district surgeon Dr Vajnah Banoo Mohamed who was brutally found murdered in her gated complex on Browns Drift Road after five days in a decomposed state.

On Tuesday evening around 6pm a 60-year-old woman on Sylvania Place barely 650 metres away from Browns Drift Road, a woman was brutally assaulted and attacked, found by her son and rushed to Umhlanga Hospital in a critical state.

What is disappointing and disheartening is in Dr Mohamed’s tragedy is that the perpetrators to date have not been found and the cases she was due to testify against, cost a dedicated selfless medical doctor her own life and silenced her in the privacy and security of her own home.

The question is why is the justice system failing our communities and how many more elderly residing alone or serving voluntarily to abused centres will fall victim to threats, assaults and murder?

In September 2014, 63-year-old Stephen John Edmonstone was also killed in his Collard Road home after his home was broken into, his life taken for a laptop only. Whilst local residents willingly dedicate their time to posting and informing on online groups, Body Corporates and residents attempt to improve complex and apartment security, the reality is its a professional syndicate operating and in an effort to curb and combat future incidents. neighbourhoods  (especially competitive security companies) have to set differences aside, merge, share and assist in information where possible.

Neighbours need to unite and although not always possible assist elderly, friends and keep in contact. We live in a rollercoaster world. We need to strive to unite and as neighbours embrace each other with burying our differences, keeping cordial relations as the reality is the escalating home attacks and crime alerts have risen and our priorities are serving each other first. Online or offline.

Shameema Omar
uMgeni Park

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