Saddened after crash claims four lives

Editor – While some South African children awoke and excitedly travelled, others sobbing and afraid, some in private vehicles and the majority after 22 years post democracy still using public transport to commence the beginning of their new school year. The news of the taxi and bus collision that claimed the lives of four learners in Nyala Road, Ntuzuma Township saddened many.

Eighteen injured patients were taken to hospitals around Durban.

Still reeling from the shocking statistics of the 2016 festive season road carnage and fatalities, parents and a high school received news of these deceased learners, all below the ages of 16.

With them being buried, there goes the burial of their parents’ dreams. It’s a known fact that many children from townships and rural backgrounds endure the struggle of daily life and travel in unroadworthy vehicles, due to their thirst for an education, only to die in such circumstances.

Investigations will now be conducted, but  how many more children will lose their lives under the hands of reckless drivers and their unroadworthy vehicles?

Shameema Omar


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