Rooibos will keep your child healthy and alert

Rooibos is affordable, tasty and amazingly beneficial for children.

FOLLOWING the results of  SA’s recently released National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (SANHANES) the poor state of children’s school lunches in the country has become a cause for concern.

According to the survey,  about two in three learners purchase sugary drinks at least twice a week, with each soft drink containing up to 55g of sugar. That is 40g more sugar than the recommended maximum daily limit for children, said the World Health Organisation (WHO).

According to nutritional experts, these beverages are loaded with empty calories and provide little or no essential nutrients. They are linked not only to weight gain but also to poor health and tooth decay in children. Nutritionists recommend water or herbal teas as a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks or sugar filled fruit juices, with Rooibos tea topping the list.

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Ernest du Toit, spokesperson of the SA Rooibos Council says Rooibos is as effective as water for hydrating the body and has additional health properties that water doesn’t have.

Rooibos tea will also keep your child’s mind sharp since it shields the brain from stress and it protects against a process known as lipid peridoxation (where free radicals damage brain cells and nerve tissues.)

Here are some easy Rooibos recipes for you, courtesy of the SA Rooibos Council.

Rooibos iced tea:

One litre of Rooibos tea using four to six teabags

Sweeten the tea with honey to taste and leave it in the fridge to cool overnight. Experiment with this basic iced tea, by adding mint, lemon, orange, granadilla, mango or apple, or a combination of flavours until you find one that your children love. You can even get them involved in mixing their own flavours.

Rooibos ice-lollies:

By pouring some Rooibos iced tea into popsicle containers or ice-cube trays and freezing it, you can also make fun, refreshing, healthy after school or sports treats.

Information supplied by Meropa Communications on behalf of the SA Rooibos Council.

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