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Hong Kong activist jailed over Umbrella Movement protest

A Hong Kong democracy activist was jailed Thursday over Umbrella Movement mass protests while nine more campaigners face charges, as fears grow that freedoms are under threat in the semi-autonomous city.

UN chief Guterres lands in Iraq to review aid efforts

UN chief Antonio Guterres arrived in Baghdad on Thursday to review the humanitarian situation, calling for protection of civilians to be the “absolute priority” as Iraqi forces battle to retake Mosul.

Britain begins Brexit as first divisions emerge

Britain will Thursday begin the messy task of disentangling itself from EU laws, as the first signs of rancour between London and Brussels emerged at the start of their two-year divorce proceedings.

Torrential rain, floods hamper Australia cyclone relief

Torrential rain hampered relief efforts Thursday after a powerful cyclone wreaked havoc in northeast Australia, with floods sparking emergency rescues as fed-up tourists began evacuating from resort islands.

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