Tyra serves up an ace

Tyra Bolton is looking forward to emulating her success on the tennis court.
Tyra Bolton is looking forward to emulating her success on the tennis court.

DURBAN North resident, Tyra Bolton is hoping 2017 will bring her as much success as the end of last year. Northglen News recently spoke to the Grade 7 Virginia Preparatory School (VPS) learner who won a number of trophies in 2016. Bolton received the Hatfield Trophy for winning the school’s mixed doubles, and the Barretts Trophy for winning the VPS Girls singles. She then went on to win the Peter Waters (mixed singles) championship (is now the top seed at Virginia) and received the Virginia Primary Girls Tennis Achievement trophy for 2016.
Bolton said she hopes to make a KZN team this year.

“I’ve been part of the North Durban tennis team but I’d really like to make the KZN team. My long-term goal and dream would be to play at Wimbledon. I was really pleased with my performances last year and I’m hoping to emulate that in 2017. Tennis isn’t the roughest sport but it has it’s still a very competitive sport. I try and motivate myself and what’s important for me is try my best, win or lose,” she said.

The 12-year-old who is part of Howard Saul’s tennis school said her mom introduced her to the sport.

“My mom played tennis and she was the one that got me involved. I’ve been playing tennis since I was seven years old. It’s a sport I hope to pursue beyond school.”

Her coach, Howard Saul, also paid tribute to Bolton.

“Tyra is a tenacious, determined tennis player that fights for every point. She is a fantastic sport, on and off the court with a huge heart. She always has a smile on her face, win or lose and I am sure will go far,” he said.

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